Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with, is it okay if she hangs out with another man - askmen

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October 2019

Dealing With Her Male Friends

We used to meet on weekends and have some great memories captured. These guys first impression was to hook up with her and in my mind they still do. At one point they may have kissed or hooked up but since I came along, spots none of that has happened.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

My girlfriend keeps hanging out with this one male friend. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for awhile and about a few months ago she started to develope a lot a other guy friends. Now this is where my girlfriend showed me how immature and ruthless towards my feelings she was.

She s Hanging Out With Other Guys And You re Jealous - Here s What To Do

When I questioned her about asking him to call her back she said she would have never answered the phone if he had. How can I shift my mind to deal with this and be at ease? You tried to be the best man you could be, online dating third message and you got nothing in return. But it makes us stronger brother.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

Thats how these women are. My fiance is my best friend. We believe we both are growing into more confident, attractive people because of our relationship, and we are grateful to each other for that. If you are going to ask someone give up bunch of their friends or not make new ones, you will have to offer them something of equal in value in return. Or at least for the near future?

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And how do you deal with the inevitable jealousy and insecurities that naturally appear in your life? And also mentioned that i distract her from doing anything like looking for a job or getting anything done. No complaining, no insecurity, no screaming.

Tell them the truth thats what she expects from me so why not expect the same from her? Telling your man other men hit on you etc is not honesty its feeding insecurity and it will like me ware yoi down. So i just stopped trying to justify myself. Being with anyone who tries to dictate how you live your life is never going to work out well for anyone.

This next incident I believe was the beginning of the end for us. That is very considerate of you and it shows you really love your man. You would not pick a guy to your friend either who is ready to trade bunch of his friendships away for sexual or economical opportunity.

Is It Okay If She Hangs Out With Another Man - AskMen

Women need a wake up call as do some men these friends are often not friends and will manipulate you out of a relationship giveb half the chance. Your story really touched my heart man, i almost cried! You need to act like you are breaking it off with her, and see her response. When she turned around she was surprised i was looking for a moment but continued on as if nothing happended. Your email address will not be published.

  1. You and I share the exact same story with our exes.
  2. Stupid me was thinking that this would put everything into perspective and that we need to communicate effectively.
  3. It never bothered me in the beginning except that he was persistantly sharing his feelings and they were close friends before she moved away.

Is It Okay If She Hangs Out With Another Man

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with
Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

He called me when he was having problems with my friend and i listened and talked. She will try to argue that girls can have male friends who are just friends, do not let her get away with that. Must I try to discuss it with her? So i am utterly jealous and confused whether i am right or wrong in my thinking. She even used to dress up and put on make up just to look good in class, which was not her normal behavior before.

That way all the other guys would pale in comparison. Thank you for sharing all that. They offered to lease her a room so they can have sex with her dude. He saw what was going on, and he approached it in the best way possible. Long story short, it was ended by the guy and she never loved him, she viewed him more as a friend.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

This time she was inflammed beyond any limit i could imagine. It was the honeymoon phase and nothing could bring me down. Ate her hotel half hour later she text me and say hou she missed me the whole day and wanted me next to her and hope I dream of her and such things. Shortly into their conversation they started to get touchy. She use to say she loved me but I feel this was a cover and part of the characteristic of a Narcissist.

He is now in a Psychiatric hospital. And there is legitimate, platonic gain and growth in their interactions. So i said, then why did you not introduce me to him, and she said he did not want to meet me.

Ok, we need to change this narrative. When the table is turned then all of a sudden its wrong. He constantly told me to cut those guys out of my life to which I protested at first. What can I do I need help or opinions on what to do. This is only a recent phenomena which does not bode well with human instincts.

  • That slope is getting slippier by the day.
  • My ex came back to ask for a reconcillation when she found that the guy colleague she left me for, did what he did to her to another girl cokkague who is prettier and tounger than her.
  • She never wanted me to meet them, and this was very hard for me.

She said she does not love me anymore, we can never be together again, etc, etc. My ex is very pretty and has a wonderful body. It was him, and my ex soon perked up. Women are not hardwired to seek external validation, you look for the wrong women, Alex author. You are a nice guy who deserves a better woman who can appreciate you better.

You had initially nothing to worry about, but your jealously would lower her attraction towards her. When she talks to me she says she is going to stop talking to that guy, she loves me and wants to be with me but again am hear stories about him daily. Although she doesnt shrug me off. If she senses that, she will respect that strength about you that confidence about you it will make her change her ways.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

Its not that she is shy with guys, but I think she has a problem with me which she doesnt agree to. You just have to exercise your judgment and ask the right questions. We as humans depend on narcissistic qualities daily. This happened on a Wednesday. Thats wrong no excuses why its so debated on the net.

So I made it clear how I felt about the situation. Your only option is to give her space. Do you think it would cause so many problems in your relationships? Ask her if she loves you and still wants to be your wife. Currently she is on a week holiday.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

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But rather gym at home where no man can approach me. Women are never supposed to have male friends. And when you try to defend yourself, it only seemingly confirms their case. Now she just got back from a movie with the one friend and its really starting to get annoying that she doesnt respect my feelings. Like she said shes been learning abit about motors and working on the friends parents truck.

Girlfriend hangs out with guy she used to hook up with

What would you think if I was seeing girls who are more attractive than you on a one on one basis? And I have female friends and he has male friends. The girl is very trustworthy and I believe her guy best friend is also good. There is no other way around the situation your in, you need the tension of separation, of you thinking you are better than her for her to want you again. Because one man makes me happy.

Dealing With Her Male Friends - LifeOS

He told her that he would visit her, she told him to come to the early pregnancy unit. When I was single I was approached many times at a gym. What would you think of him?

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