3 point hook up disk, 3 point hook up disk

3-Point Disc

December 2019
Motorhome hook up point

Once the disc mower is attached to the tractor, raise the three-point hitch and attach the limit chains and power takeoff drive shaft. Equal weight distribution front and rear. My first step in attaching the disc mower is to measure the distance between the shoulders of the two hitch pins of the disc mower.

There is nothing like two people getting their hands dirty together, learning something, and sharing a laugh. The stabilizers limit the lateral movement of the machine to a minimum. However, when I lift it up, it all seemed fine. Moving the tractor does not work as well if you have stay blocks or stabilizer chains like this tractor since the mower can move to the side.

  • When I run into a problem I give the piece of equipment a good blessing.
  • Connecting the lower links is the hardest part of hooking up a three point implement.
  • If they still won't latch back in then place the implement at least partially on the ground and back up gently until they latch.
  • Buy genuine oem john deere parts for smooth ride.
  • If the lower arm extensions don't latch back in you may have to apply some lube to the sliding surfaces.

If the lift arm is off front to back, I just go to the outer end of the cutter bar and slide the bar one way or the other. Assist forage producers in improving profitability and efficiency. To use the lower links in this way, the lower links must first be placed in a way that guarantees the tractor will be in the best possible position to the disc mower.

On previously worked ground with weeds over knee high, it sort of worked, but I decided it'd be better to hook up the mower and disc in a single pass afterwards. If you're top link is adjusted to tight then it will cause you're disk to raise in the rear as it digs deeper into the soil. Do you have a cutting disk on the front set? If you have a lot of rocks, notched blades are more prone to breaking than solid blades. My farm terrain is slightly sloped and has quite a few rocks.

3-Point Hitch & Ag Hardware


The magazine is published monthly with a sizeable portion of articles unique to Canadians. Once the disc mower is mounted on the caddy, the operator only needs to install a hitch pin to be able to connect the disc mower. More weight on the front for the cutters. Lower the lift arms and attach the lift arm to the disc mower. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.

Buying a 3 point hitch disc


  1. This appears to be a good alternative to a tradional style quick hitch.
  2. Pats quick attach pushes the hitch pins out unless you get the ones that replace extendable links on the arms.
  3. Adjust the vertical links for the lift arms so the lift arm balls are at the same height.
Hooking to a disc mower 101

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Makes hitching and unhitching almost fun. Hey guys, finally got around to using our equipment for the first time since we bought it last fall! Create an open forum for industry discussion and an easy-to-read magazine of expert information about the forage industry. When you adjust the stabilizer chains or position the stabilizer links, you also want the lift arms centered on the tractor.

If you use sway blocks, use a tarp or spring to hold the arms in the in position. On my pottinger the head is suspended and the mower weighs over lbs so the problem is always levelling under load. Yes you have to get off the tractor to hook up the upper link or unhook it, but there isn't a lot of drama and they will fit any implement without modification. Well I went over it twice and left, the fellow came to my house later and wanted me to do more, he said it wasn't soft enough and the harrow didn't go deep enough.

If the left hitch pin is lower than you use the remote like you are rasing the cutterbar. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Connect the top link then lift the implement slightly off the ground and the extensions on the lower arms should latch back in and you are all set.

3-Point Disc

If the stabilizers aren't in the same hole left and right, obviously start there. Hopefully you all can shed some light on this, as I do not want to damage anything, or make this harder than it needs to be. Find a clevis to properly adjust your free. Those are generally but not always higher end heavy duty models. So I never bought a quick hitch.

With the extendable lower links it is easy, back the tractor up until one arm or the other touches the implement pin position, unlatch the extendable part of the lower arm, slide the end out, pin it. In this instance, the right hitch pin was lower than the left and connected first, so now the left disc mower hitch pin is above the left lift arm. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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3 Point Disc

This rake is really not horribly heavy, I could pick up one side at a time and wrestle it into place, but I'd hate to do it every day. It still should work if you have telescoping stay bars. Any experiences with the durability of this particular Kink Kutter disc? If you are using adjustable stabilizer links, reinstall the pin into the stabilizer link.

They are also not meant to swing much as they don't have swivel balls. Open roller bearings need constant attention. Still have it on my list tho.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to get the most aggressive cuts in one pass? On previously worked ground without tall vegetation it worked great in a single pass. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Originally Posted by brandoro.

Progressive Forage is the Forage Industry Resource for progressive hay, silage and pasture producers. Engage transmission, pto and start cutting Reverse procedure for disconnect. Used to hate those sway chains. Offre una foto, indian guys online dating plow with center of the tractor supply store.

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Is you're tractor new enough to have stabilizer arms that mount between the two lower links of you're three point arms and the rear axle. Sub compact tillage cultivator and it should hook up pins - -pc three point hitch tractor angle iron frame. The foremost reason attaching a three-point hitch disc mower can become a difficult job, I have found, is because the tractor is not squared up properly with the disc mower. Plus it adds congestion to the hitch area making it harder to hook up the pto and hydraulic hoses.

Back the tractor up to the disc mower, guy wants to hook up aligning the inside of the lift arm ball with the shoulder of the hitch pin. It's a common practice to put notched blades on the front gangs and solids on the rear as sort of a compromise. The welds looked decent and the weight was impressive.

Progressive Cattle magazine captures the essence of the cattle producer and ranching experience. While I deal with one brand of disc mower, the process should work with disc mowers from other companies. Try loosening it up and see what happens. My last job was for a neighbor that had raised corn this year and wanted the ground ready to plant some kind of grass.

3 point hook up disk

Search Forums Recent Posts. Relocate the parking stand and install the pin in the flotation spring assembly if so equipped. Grow better hay, aziz ansari texting silage or pasture. All the euro spec versions of tractors have quick hitch claw ends that grab the balls.

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